Provides the core residential telephone services with the support of home telephone communications via ATAs and SIP phones

This module is only required for the ioTRAN platform to function and operate with Residential phone services. It is not required for hosted PBX and/or SIP Trunk services.

Module availability = Yes Required = No


The ioRESIDENTIAL module provides the essential features and services for consumer residential phone services on the ioTRAN class 5 Softswitch (ioPLATFORM). The ioRESIDENTIAL module fully integrates with many other features of the ioTRAN class 5 Softswitch including billing, accounting, payment gateway, taxation, toll fraud protection, and more. With our advanced five-level partitioned platform, you can provide hosted consumer phone services directly to your retail customers and/or provide white/private label services to resellers and service providers.

Residential Services - ioTRAN - ioRESIDENTIAL 

The ioRESIDENTIAL module provides the following standard features:

  • Voicemail
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Voicemail PIN
  • Voicemail Missed Call
  • Voicemail Announcement (name, personal message, anonymous)
  • Call Forwarding (all, busy, no answer)
  • Call Forwarding - Lost Registration
  • Call Hold
  • Call Wake
  • Call Return
  • Dual Ring
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Trusted IP Authentication
  • Phone Provisioning (additional module)
  • Call Recording (additional module)
  • Virtual Service (additional module)
  • One Click Extension Upgrade
  • CDR Records
  • CDR Record Export
  • Outbound CLI Mapping
  • 911 CLI Mapping
  • Registration Detection/Information
  • Dial Map Control
  • View Rate Cards
  • Packaged Minute assignments
  • On-Line/Web Administration
  • System Alerts and Warnings


This module can be installed alongside ioPBX and ioTRUNK ioMODULES for a complete business and consumer service offering. Once installed, the ioPLATFORM system can provide a multitude of services allowing your customers the choice of a long-term path utilizing their existing phone system with landline replacement full hosted PBX conversion via SIP trunks or full hosted PBX conversion. In addition, you can provide these residential services for additional revenue generation.


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